LoFaro & Reiser Client, GLTI, Wins Hemp License in New York

Our firm would like to congratulate our client George Irwin and his company GLTI on being awarded a license to cultivate hemp in New York. Unlike traditional hemp producers, whose operations are at the mercy of a host of environmental variables, GLTI’s patented indoor vertical farming technology maximizes cubic feet in a controlled environment that will allow the company to grow hemp year-round in New York.

A global leader in environmentally-controlled indoor vertical farming, GLTI and its GLTCannabis subsidiary have utilized this patented technology to revolutionize the hemp and cannabis industries, with organic cannabis production that yields up to 10 times the traditional bench techniques, higher CBD /THC profiles and dense terpene profiles. At present, GLTI is the only vertical farming operation in the world to use compost as the means for its hemp and cannabis growing mediums. The operation has virtually zero wastewater and 100% renewed bio mass and organic inputs.

GLTI, which was founded in New York state and has been manufacturing in Rochester for more than two decades, is a pioneer and world leader in the green industry. Its products are at the center of major projects in 13 countries around the world. GLTI was recently selected by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to participate in “Vital Brooklyn,” a $1.2 billion redevelopment of the former Brooklyn development Center that includes a 10,000 square foot vertical farm and education center.

GLTI’s fully-integrated subsidiary, GLTCannabis, is controlling the value chain from its tissue culture operations, product manufacturing and distribution. Per Mr. Irwin, “GLTI’s focus for hemp is not only production but to build out a state-of-the-art tissue culture facility, and we are excited to establish our tissue culture operation for our hemp cultivation facility in upstate New York.”

Best of luck to GLTI and GLTCannabis in their future hemp cultivation endeavors! Here’s a link to the full press release: https://bit.ly/2TD01i4

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